Sunday, January 5, 2020

how to guarantee turbo blower quality?

  1. Technolgoy, which means if you have mastered mature and advanced technology of bearing, air bearing or magnetic bearing, high speed PMSM and impeller.
  2. Processing capability, which means your machine and machining precision.
  3. Material, which means you have qualified material or supplier to make a satisfactory high speed turbo blower.
For the past year, we have seen some turbo blower brand user is trobled by quality problem, we know why it happens, maybe you can find from my answer.

Turbo Blower ZCJSD General Introduction

ZCJSD turbo blower is the first and biggest air bearing turbo blower manufacturer in China and biggest turbo blower manufacturer in the world with annual production of 1000 sets from 20HP to 400HP.