Sunday, January 5, 2020

Will turbo blower air bearing break during a sudden power off?

what will happen to turbo blower when a sudden power off?

Actully a sudden power off is same performance course as when we stop the turbo blower by hand.

Air bearing is the core of high speed turbo blower which guarantee the turbo blower running at high speed of more than 30000, so the quality and performance determine the turbo blower operation.

We tested air bearing in our Lab, we start from 0 rpm and the shaft and air bearing begin frcition at this time, and shaft begin flying and separate with air bearing at 3000 rpm, then rotate until 7000 rpm, afterwards we stop and shaft run from 7000 rpm to 3000rpm and shat begin to friction with air bearing from the speed, afterwards to 0 rpm, which is a complete start and stop cycle.

we tested 500 sets of air bearing and it figure that the air bearing can bear 50000 times start and stops cycle.

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